Sul Sul!

Hey love bugs,

I know we’re a few days into the year, but I’m curious to know how it’s been treating you so far? Some of my girlfriends have experienced a sudden shift in their energy as they bring in the new year, and I’m wondering if that feeling is similar across the board.

This is, of course, just another Sunday evening for me. My thoughts are racing with new ideas to share with you all, as my son plays with his Sonic plushy in his room. Kevin is quietly asleep after a bustling day of football.

Earlier today, I posted a question in a private Facebook group dedicated to black people who play The Sims 4. I specifically asked if you guys wanted a platform to have all of our creative stories on display.

To my surprise, you all answered immediately, encouraging such a space for us to read each other’s soap operas! I am more than happy to collaborate with anyone who would like to share their stories.

I ask that you share .pdf and .mp4 files for now until we have a more streamlined process to display our Sim Stories.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in partaking in, please fill out the form below. And be sure to connect with our sister group on Facebook In Simmin’ Color (18+) for everything Sims!


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