Small steps become giant leaps if you’re consistent.Ozan Varol


Peace be upon you. My name is Jireh and I’m from a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA. I have been drawing all my life, and graduated Delaware County Technical High School in Commercial Art & Advertising Design. I taught myself how to crochet, on the other hand, and like to bounce from one pass time to another depending on my mood. I am married to my lovely husband Kevin and together we’re raising our six year old son, Aden.

Creating has always been a way for me to stay productive and express my feelings. Art has always been kind to me, allowing me to create my own reality and never judging which way my brush strokes. It means a lot to me to be able to share my creations with the world, along with any advice I can sprinkle along the way.

In centering myself in this new reality, the biggest hurdle I’ve  faced was staying at it. The quote on this page is a reminder to myself before anyone, I always gave myself an excuse not to follow my dreams, be it motherhood or simply life’s hurdles getting in the way. For some reason, I’d convinced myself my dreams weren’t worth following. I am happy to say I’ve broken free of that perspective! 2021 has shown me a completely new idea of self care and I hope to spread that wisdom, encouragement, and joy to you!

Delaware County Technical High School
Commercial Art & Advertising Design
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